Each person has his own opinion on this matter. And many people prefer a specific brand of the phone manufacturer. One likes Nokia, others prefer only Samsung, the third – only the iphone. Recently, Chinese brands Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu have gained increasing popularity.

How to make the right choice with such a variety of manufacturers and models?

In this article, we will not touch on the design of smartphones, perform comparative tests or disassemble technical features. We will consider several models in terms of the cost of iPhone repair Cincinnati and maintainability.

Let’s start with the most expensive phone model in terms of repair – it’s Samsung. Quite an amazing technology used by manufacturers, having performed moisture protection. The peculiarity of the Samsung is that the smartphone must be disassembled through the screen. New models of the Galaxy series are sorted out this way.

Even, for example, if you have a broken charging plug, then to replace it you need to first unblock the screen so that the wizard can access the inside of the smartphone. With this procedure, any careless movement can damage the glass. Because of this, any work on repairing Samsung phones is usually quite expensive. However, you need to pay tribute to the quality of assembly and components – it is traditionally at the height of Samsung.

iphone repair cincinnati

And the most reliable model of the phone is, and it’s not surprising – the iPhone. At the same time, it is also the most inexpensive in repair and maintenance. This is really, despite its inflated price, a smartphone that is worthy of respect.

Iphone is unpretentious, very quality and soundly assembled, has outstanding technical characteristics, and high-speed software. The operating system iOS is very well protected and has much fewer vulnerabilities than the same Android from Google.

The iPhone has an excellent protection against viruses or malware causing various malfunctions in the work of phones. This phone is for those who prefer “iron” reliability. Of course, there are some disadvantages – for example – it is impossible to install a flash card.

As for the repair – it is usually the most common trouble – it’s a broken smartphone screen. And the cheapest replacement for a broken screen is cost, however amazing for iPhone! You can replace the glass itself if desired, or you can also use the entire module assembly. And again, the price for the work performed is lower than for other phones.

Even common Chinese phone models cost more to repair. Especially it concerns such model as HTC. These devices are particularly difficult to disassemble, and repair them is one of the most expensive.

What To Do If My Laptop Freezes?

Where to repair the laptop?

Laptops have firmly entered our life, please us and make our life more convenient, rich and interesting. True, provided that they are working properly and reliably. And if they start to break down or work with malfunctions, then this brings a lot of headaches and problems to the owners. After all, the laptop is a high-tech device and sooner or later it starts to malfunction.

What causes the laptop to freeze and how can it be avoided or at least reduced? Let’s look at the possible reasons for this, and what steps can be taken to prevent such hanging, if possible.

There are a lot of reasons that can cause a freeze, but as a rule, the main are only three reasons, because of which the speed of the laptop can be limited or even its braking in operation. Looking ahead, I want to point out that even ordinary computer users can deal with these problems. But, if you do not want to DIY, you can look for where is laptops repair in Cincinnati. Or immediately go to our website and consult.

In the meantime, we will analyze the problems that cause the laptop to freeze

Number one is overheating of the laptop. This is a very common problem, since many users carry their laptops with them, they work in different places. Because of this, the laptop is quickly clogged with dust, and begins to cool worse. Dust settles on the cooler blades, cooling radiators. Also, some users incorrectly exploit their devices, blocking the cooling holes in the notebook’s housing, which are responsible for taking cold air from the outside. An important point is also in the compact size of the laptop. As a result, overheating causes a hibernation or spontaneous disconnection of the laptop.

Number two – insufficient amount of RAM. Here you can draw an analogy with the work of the human brain. RAM is responsible for the current storage of information, and its storage in the short term. The operating system constantly accesses the main memory while working, and uses it for various programs and calculation processes. If the amount of RAM is exhausted, then performance decreases, hangs, the appearance of a blue screen of death.

laptops repair in cincinnati

Number three – malfunctions in the operating system or software. There may be errors in the software, incorrect changes in the BIOS if the laptop is infected with a virus or some other malware.

If the article was helpful, visit our official page. Our service center is in Cincinnati

How to replace iphone 8 glass correctly

iPhone glass replace

Starting with the eighth generation of iPhones, these devices began to refer to displays with a wide format. Since the iPhone 8 has a display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, and for the iPhone 8+ – the diagonal of the display is already 5.5″.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that both these models of the phone have glass made not only the front part of the body, but also the rear. This performance allows you to realize the old dream of many users – to charge your phone remotely, using a wireless charger.

Of course, this method is still new. The glass, of which the parts of the iphone are made, is manufactured using a special technology and has a very strong grip with other parts of the case and the phone itself. However, it is necessary to pay attention that the iphone painfully reacts to mechanical influences, even in spite of the fact that the manufacturer declares about special, increased parameters of durability.

Particular attention should be given to the screen: due to the large size and glass shell, the risk of mechanical damage increases substantially.
Characteristic signs that clearly indicate that the glass part of the hull is damaged:

– if the phone has cracks or chips on the case
– fogging glass indicates moisture or moist air
– if the glass has a backlash relative to the phone itself
– if wireless charging does not work correctly (or does not work at all)

Is it possible to understand what is specifically damaged in this case – glass or other elements of the phone?

If the sensor functions are not violated, and also the screen itself in normal mode reacts to the impact and the color mode is not violated, then only the glass is damaged. But even in this case, you can not postpone repair for a long time. Because, even if the phone is operating in normal mode, it is still, because of the glass, which has damage to moisture or dirt can get into the phone, and provoke even greater problems. Also, cracks in the area of ​​the sensor block can be deepened and increased.

Therefore, even if only the glass is damaged, we strongly recommend that you immediately contact the service center for replacement.
True, the replacement of the iphone glass can be performed not in every workshop, since the phone device itself has a complex design, and requires its complete disassembly with the use of additional equipment and devices, for example, such as a pressure chamber or various separators.

For consultation, diagnosis or repair, please contact our service center:

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Мифы про сервисные центры Apple

Несколько мифов о ремонтных мастерских для iphone и продукции Apple

Начиная с выпуска нового девайса apple iphone 3 начала расти популярность на продукцию этой компании. Даже сегодня этот рост не прекращается и айфоны, айпады и макбуки прочно заняли свое место в нише электроники среди своих поклонников.

Соответственно, получив широкое распространение среди покупателей, айфоны стали нуждаться в наличии сервисных центров и ремонтных мастерских. Однако, среди владельцев iphone стали рождаться мифы, что работники сервисных центров обманывают своих клиентов и зарабатывают на их доверчивости. Попытаемся развенчать эти мифы, чтобы у людей не оставалось каких-то стереотипов и предубеждений.

Кстати, если вам требуется ремонт или замена экрана iphone, то обращайтесь в сервисный центр по ремонту смартфонов в Могилеве здесь. Мы предоставляем качественные услуги по умеренным ценам.

Итак, откуда берутся мифы и стереотипы о ремонте iphone.

Довольно часто случались не очень приятные ситуации для владельцев айфонов – когда им обещали качественный и быстрый ремонт, а на деле оказывалось, что клиент после ремонта получал аппарат, который тормозил и подглючивал. К тому же частенько мастерские не выдавали гарантийный талон, и в таком случае доказать вину сервисного центра было практически невозможно. Конечно, в таких случаях у клиентов обоснованно возникало недоверие и обида на сервисные центры Эппл.

Наиболее распространенный миф – это стоимость услуг по ремонту iphone.

Поскольку цены на ремонт в специализированных сервисных центрах совсем не маленькие, многие владельцы айфона считают, что переплачивать лишние деньги за ремонт бессмысленно, а лучше добавить еще и купить новый телефон. И часто клиенты стараются ремонтировать свои телефоны в мастерских с самой низкой стоимостью ремонта. Хотя чаще всего, низкая цена ремонта будет гарантией того, что качество работы окажется на низком уровне. Правда, бывают и приятные исключения, когда и квалификация мастера окажется высокой и цена – низкой. Но это бывает в очень редких случаях.

Второй распространенный миф – какие используются запчасти для ремонта. Обычно люди считают , что качественно отремонтировать телефон можно только используя, 100% оригинальные запчасти. Правда, этот миф тоже не всегда оказывается правдивым, и вот в чем причина:

Настоящие оригинальные запчасти тяжело найти и приобрести

Многие мастерские могут разбирать сломанные или разбитые телефоны на запасные части, и соответственно, получают базу оригинальных запчастей, причем качество ремонта других телефонов от этого совершенно не страдает.

Другие мифы мы рассмотрим в следующих постах.

IPhone Problems Related to Software Failure

The software is a set of programs of the information processing system and program documents necessary for the operation of these programs. In simple terms, it is the system responsible for coordinating all the functions of the iPhone. It, along with the “iron”, ensures the operation of your smartphone.

And often, when your smartphone stops performing some functions, the “culprit” is the software.

What problems do iPhone owners face as a result of software failures?

Absence of vibration;
slow work of iPhone;
camera malfunction
restrictions on the operation of certain applications;
malfunction of buttons that control volume, lock or Home;
no sound in headphones or speakers;
lack of a network;
arbitrary reboot or switch off the phone.
More info on our website.

What should I do if there is a failure in the software?

First, you need to make sure that there was a software failure. After all, under his mask may be completely different problems. Recognize the problem itself in the software is difficult, but there are signs that it can be understood on its own. For example, most often the problems, the source of which is a program failure, are of a temporary nature – they appear or disappear.

The way out of the situation will be to update the firmware. Better to entrust this matter to professionals who know how to update the system without harming the iPhone.

In our service center, experienced masters will be able to deliver the correct “diagnosis” to your smartphone and choose the appropriate “treatment”, restoring all the functions of the iPhone.

Next Generation Wi-Fi for iPhone 6

The Internet still does not cease to be inundated with rumors about the future novelty of this year – iPhone 6. It is already known that the newest technology of quantum dots will be used for the display of the new generation Retina. Thanks to which the phone will have better color rendering, and photos and videos will look much better than it was before. But now, it looks like the future iPhone, will have Wi-Fi, which will be faster than on any previous iOS device. On February 24, Broadcom company announced the creation of a new generation microchip – BCM4354, for smartphones.
Apple expects to use the chip mainly to power mobile iPhone functions. The Apple company constantly uses Broadcom technologies in its full range of Wi-Fi-compatible devices. The BCM4354 will greatly increase throughput and enable the use of MIMO technology, which will allow Apple to use several antennas to transmit and receive data and even choose between them in order to obtain a better reception signal.
Broadcom also claims that the new chip will double the performance for video and music, improve the download speed if you are on major public events or concerts, increase the range of Wi-Fi reception, and increase battery life. There is only one problem left – fast battery drain due to the high performance of Wi-Fi, which the company promised will be considered in the future

Mechanical damage to iPhone

Damages and repair iPhones

The fall or bounce of the iPhone, probably the most offensive thing that can happen to it. In this case, the smartphone is experiencing the strongest negative impact from the outside. Sometimes, for the onset of harmful consequences, it’s enough to just put a heavy object on top of the gadget.

Damage can be of a different kind – aesthetic or “iron”. Let’s start with those that can be seen with the naked eye.

1. External damage
As a result of the mechanical impact, the appearance of the iPhone can deteriorate. A broken screen, cracks, chips, a broken back cover or a scratched rib did not please anyone yet. All this spoils the appearance of the image smartphone, which should have a presentable appearance 24 hours a day. Protective covers, a bumper and a film too not always rescue from such misfortune. The way out of this situation is simple – you just need to replace the damaged parts.

In our service center, you can do it very quickly. Your iPhone will be quite new for half an hour.

2. Internal damage iPhone (tips from Cincinnati service center)
Internal damage is a more serious problem. Here you will need accurate diagnosis of your mobile device. And the earlier it is carried out, the greater the chance of avoiding the more serious consequences of mechanical damage. The thing is that the internal parts of the iPhone are very fragile, so they are easily amenable to external influences.

Among the most common consequences, we can distinguish the following:

iPhone quickly discharges or stops charging
This occurs if, as a result of mechanical action, the charger slot, the lower loop, the battery or the power management ICs fail;

malfunction of speaker or microphone
The impact or fall of the iPhone provokes damage to the speaker and microphone, as well as the details of the board that are responsible for the sound;

no sound in headphones
When subjected to mechanical influences, internal parts such as a loop or board elements responsible for sound reproduction may be damaged. This happens not only after the fall, but also as a result of their careless use, as well as due to foreign objects entering the headphone jack;

iPhone will not turn on
Any mechanical damage may damage any part of the motherboard or damage the battery or power contacts, resulting in the iPhone being unable to turn on;

defective camera
The impact or fall, as well as cracks on the screen, can adversely affect the operation of the camera. If an external damage occurs, the pictures will be blurred, and if internal, the camera may simply not function;

vibration does not work
As a result of strong impacts or falling of the gadget, damage to the vibration motor or the element of the board responsible for vibration is possible, as a result of which it will be unavailable;

no network signal
The result of a mechanical damage may be a malfunction of the transmitter amplifier, the modem part, the bundling of the radio unit or the antenna, which will lead to loss of communication.

Do not attempt to replace parts yourself. This applies not only to internal parts, but also to external parts. Because, without the experience and special tools, you run the risk of causing even greater mechanical damage.

It is better to contact our service center, where experienced masters will provide “quick” help to your “apple” friend.

Repair of computer power supply, part2

Repair of computer electronics power supply, part2

If there are serious suspicions about the power supply, I recommend that it be removed completely and disconnect all the wires coming from it to the computer blocks. To turn on the idle, I close the green and black (com & ps-on), while it should be twisted by a fan that is inside its casing and begin to apply voltages, we are primarily interested in 5 and 12 volts, but it does not hurt and check 3.3 . Be careful, the faulty unit may catch fire or explode! If within two to five minutes everything is working properly, you can measure the stresses under load as I described on the website By the way, if the unit does not turn on at all, then we are most likely dealing with a burnt out fuse, but not the fact that its replacement will fix the computer’s power supply. It is necessary to ring the diode bridge on the computer power supply board:

You can find it further on the circuit after the fuse on the computer power supply circuit board. Naturally, all work with the power supply in the disassembled state must be performed only in the condition of 220 V AC disconnected from the mains! The verification procedure is as follows:

The tester is in the diode continuity mode, the diode icon should be near the digit of the measurement limit. Make sure that the circuit works by closing the probes and hearing the sound signal if the tester supports it or seeing 0 on the display. Then touch the minus terminal of the bridge with one probe and the other with alternating current icons, alternately, then swap the probes, in one case it should show a small resistance ohm 300-600 in the other should remain in the same state as with the open probes.

This procedure is repeated the same way for a positive conclusion. By connecting one probe to the positive terminal, and the other we touch the alternating pin alternately. A short circuit, that is, a resistance close to zero, indicates a breakdown of the bridge, a non-ring in both directions indicates a break in the diode. If you close the probes with both variables and get a zero or a squeak, then the diode bridge must be replaced.

It is better to carry out such manipulations with a diode bridge, there may be a short circuit further down the power circuit, but you can call it on the board first. Repair of the computer power supply unit costs it in particular with minimal components cheaper than the cost of the new unit, so it basically makes sense if you contact a computer repairman. In a normal service center for repairing computers to repair a computer power supply unit, the price should not exceed 1200-1300, otherwise it is not advisable.

As Cincinnati service center practice shows, basically the repair of the computer power supply by the hands consists in replacement of the swelled electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board, check just in case for those and the motherboard itself.

capacitors choose at the nominal and operating voltage exactly the same as you had originally, for the benefit of these are fairly common parts that you can get on the nearest radio market or order from the same China (the first option is better). Do not also change all the electrolytic capacitors in a row, then what you plan to put on a replacement may be worse in quality than factory ones. Generally speaking, containers are checked by special devices, but instead of them one can also use a multimeter in the resistance test mode.

Repair computer power supply

The most common failure is the computer power supply unit if we are dealing with voltage spikes in the wiring, as well as with long-term permanent operation. Of course, if the computer turns on but immediately turns off, it can also mean overheating of the processor’s cooling system or activation of power protection of the motherboard in the event of a short circuit on the HDD DVD drives and external connectors, often mechanically broken, external USB connectors, in a single word to SATA and USB, but separate articles are devoted to these problems. Here I will consider repairing the computer power supply unit with my own hands step by step, which will require a minimum but compulsory set of tools and materials:

crosshead screwdriver
multimeter (tester)
scrap of copper wire or other conductor
soldering iron, solder, for example, the cheapest option:
computer power supply repair step by step

You may also need:

electrolytic capacitors (often in disrepair)
diode bridge
If you still decided to start repairing the computer power supply with your own hands, then I highly recommend that you read the full article before starting any action. Initially, in order to understand whether it is necessary to repair the computer power supply or to do something else, it is necessary to measure the stresses in the load, for this purpose it is necessary to convert the multimeter to the DC voltage test mode (enough will be up to 20 volts) and apply at the moment of switching on first to black and the red wire of the ATX connector (the diagram below) must be at least 5 volts, and then to the black and yellow wire, should be at least 12 volts. It is very important to perform such measurements under load, since in the case of unit malfunctions, sometimes at idle the multimeter indicates that everything is in order, but the problem nevertheless manifests itself. I consider the repair of power supplies for computers atx, as older versions are rarely found, nevertheless, if you are so lucky, you can follow the color designation, it remains the same.