Mechanical damage to iPhone

Damages and repair iPhones

The fall or bounce of the iPhone, probably the most offensive thing that can happen to it. In this case, the smartphone is experiencing the strongest negative impact from the outside. Sometimes, for the onset of harmful consequences, it’s enough to just put a heavy object on top of the gadget.

Damage can be of a different kind – aesthetic or “iron”. Let’s start with those that can be seen with the naked eye.

1. External damage
As a result of the mechanical impact, the appearance of the iPhone can deteriorate. A broken screen, cracks, chips, a broken back cover or a scratched rib did not please anyone yet. All this spoils the appearance of the image smartphone, which should have a presentable appearance 24 hours a day. Protective covers, a bumper and a film too not always rescue from such misfortune. The way out of this situation is simple – you just need to replace the damaged parts.

In our service center, you can do it very quickly. Your iPhone will be quite new for half an hour.

2. Internal damage iPhone (tips from Cincinnati service center)
Internal damage is a more serious problem. Here you will need accurate diagnosis of your mobile device. And the earlier it is carried out, the greater the chance of avoiding the more serious consequences of mechanical damage. The thing is that the internal parts of the iPhone are very fragile, so they are easily amenable to external influences.

Among the most common consequences, we can distinguish the following:

iPhone quickly discharges or stops charging
This occurs if, as a result of mechanical action, the charger slot, the lower loop, the battery or the power management ICs fail;

malfunction of speaker or microphone
The impact or fall of the iPhone provokes damage to the speaker and microphone, as well as the details of the board that are responsible for the sound;

no sound in headphones
When subjected to mechanical influences, internal parts such as a loop or board elements responsible for sound reproduction may be damaged. This happens not only after the fall, but also as a result of their careless use, as well as due to foreign objects entering the headphone jack;

iPhone will not turn on
Any mechanical damage may damage any part of the motherboard or damage the battery or power contacts, resulting in the iPhone being unable to turn on;

defective camera
The impact or fall, as well as cracks on the screen, can adversely affect the operation of the camera. If an external damage occurs, the pictures will be blurred, and if internal, the camera may simply not function;

vibration does not work
As a result of strong impacts or falling of the gadget, damage to the vibration motor or the element of the board responsible for vibration is possible, as a result of which it will be unavailable;

no network signal
The result of a mechanical damage may be a malfunction of the transmitter amplifier, the modem part, the bundling of the radio unit or the antenna, which will lead to loss of communication.

Do not attempt to replace parts yourself. This applies not only to internal parts, but also to external parts. Because, without the experience and special tools, you run the risk of causing even greater mechanical damage.

It is better to contact our service center, where experienced masters will provide “quick” help to your “apple” friend.

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