IPhone Problems Related to Software Failure

The software is a set of programs of the information processing system and program documents necessary for the operation of these programs. In simple terms, it is the system responsible for coordinating all the functions of the iPhone. It, along with the “iron”, ensures the operation of your smartphone.

And often, when your smartphone stops performing some functions, the “culprit” is the software.

What problems do iPhone owners face as a result of software failures?

Absence of vibration;
slow work of iPhone;
camera malfunction
restrictions on the operation of certain applications;
malfunction of buttons that control volume, lock or Home;
no sound in headphones or speakers;
lack of a network;
arbitrary reboot or switch off the phone.
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What should I do if there is a failure in the software?

First, you need to make sure that there was a software failure. After all, under his mask may be completely different problems. Recognize the problem itself in the software is difficult, but there are signs that it can be understood on its own. For example, most often the problems, the source of which is a program failure, are of a temporary nature – they appear or disappear.

The way out of the situation will be to update the firmware. Better to entrust this matter to professionals who know how to update the system without harming the iPhone.

In our service center, experienced masters will be able to deliver the correct “diagnosis” to your smartphone and choose the appropriate “treatment”, restoring all the functions of the iPhone.

Next Generation Wi-Fi for iPhone 6

The Internet still does not cease to be inundated with rumors about the future novelty of this year – iPhone 6. It is already known that the newest technology of quantum dots will be used for the display of the new generation Retina. Thanks to which the phone will have better color rendering, and photos and videos will look much better than it was before. But now, it looks like the future iPhone, will have Wi-Fi, which will be faster than on any previous iOS device. On February 24, Broadcom company announced the creation of a new generation microchip – BCM4354, for smartphones.
Apple expects to use the chip mainly to power mobile iPhone functions. The Apple company constantly uses Broadcom technologies in its full range of Wi-Fi-compatible devices. The BCM4354 will greatly increase throughput and enable the use of MIMO technology, which will allow Apple to use several antennas to transmit and receive data and even choose between them in order to obtain a better reception signal.
Broadcom also claims that the new chip will double the performance for video and music, improve the download speed if you are on major public events or concerts, increase the range of Wi-Fi reception, and increase battery life. There is only one problem left – fast battery drain due to the high performance of Wi-Fi, which the company promised will be considered in the future

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