Each person has his own opinion on this matter. And many people prefer a specific brand of the phone manufacturer. One likes Nokia, others prefer only Samsung, the third – only the iphone. Recently, Chinese brands Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu have gained increasing popularity.

How to make the right choice with such a variety of manufacturers and models?

In this article, we will not touch on the design of smartphones, perform comparative tests or disassemble technical features. We will consider several models in terms of the cost of iPhone repair Cincinnati and maintainability.

Let’s start with the most expensive phone model in terms of repair – it’s Samsung. Quite an amazing technology used by manufacturers, having performed moisture protection. The peculiarity of the Samsung is that the smartphone must be disassembled through the screen. New models of the Galaxy series are sorted out this way.

Even, for example, if you have a broken charging plug, then to replace it you need to first unblock the screen so that the wizard can access the inside of the smartphone. With this procedure, any careless movement can damage the glass. Because of this, any work on repairing Samsung phones is usually quite expensive. However, you need to pay tribute to the quality of assembly and components – it is traditionally at the height of Samsung.

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And the most reliable model of the phone is, and it’s not surprising – the iPhone. At the same time, it is also the most inexpensive in repair and maintenance. This is really, despite its inflated price, a smartphone that is worthy of respect.

Iphone is unpretentious, very quality and soundly assembled, has outstanding technical characteristics, and high-speed software. The operating system iOS is very well protected and has much fewer vulnerabilities than the same Android from Google.

The iPhone has an excellent protection against viruses or malware causing various malfunctions in the work of phones. This phone is for those who prefer “iron” reliability. Of course, there are some disadvantages – for example – it is impossible to install a flash card.

As for the repair – it is usually the most common trouble – it’s a broken smartphone screen. And the cheapest replacement for a broken screen is cost, however amazing for iPhone! You can replace the glass itself if desired, or you can also use the entire module assembly. And again, the price for the work performed is lower than for other phones.

Even common Chinese phone models cost more to repair. Especially it concerns such model as HTC. These devices are particularly difficult to disassemble, and repair them is one of the most expensive.

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