Repair computer power supply

The most common failure is the computer power supply unit if we are dealing with voltage spikes in the wiring, as well as with long-term permanent operation. Of course, if the computer turns on but immediately turns off, it can also mean overheating of the processor’s cooling system or activation of power protection of the motherboard in the event of a short circuit on the HDD DVD drives and external connectors, often mechanically broken, external USB connectors, in a single word to SATA and USB, but separate articles are devoted to these problems. Here I will consider repairing the computer power supply unit with my own hands step by step, which will require a minimum but compulsory set of tools and materials:

crosshead screwdriver
multimeter (tester)
scrap of copper wire or other conductor
soldering iron, solder, for example, the cheapest option:
computer power supply repair step by step

You may also need:

electrolytic capacitors (often in disrepair)
diode bridge
If you still decided to start repairing the computer power supply with your own hands, then I highly recommend that you read the full article before starting any action. Initially, in order to understand whether it is necessary to repair the computer power supply or to do something else, it is necessary to measure the stresses in the load, for this purpose it is necessary to convert the multimeter to the DC voltage test mode (enough will be up to 20 volts) and apply at the moment of switching on first to black and the red wire of the ATX connector (the diagram below) must be at least 5 volts, and then to the black and yellow wire, should be at least 12 volts. It is very important to perform such measurements under load, since in the case of unit malfunctions, sometimes at idle the multimeter indicates that everything is in order, but the problem nevertheless manifests itself. I consider the repair of power supplies for computers atx, as older versions are rarely found, nevertheless, if you are so lucky, you can follow the color designation, it remains the same.

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