How to replace iphone 8 glass correctly

iPhone glass replace

Starting with the eighth generation of iPhones, these devices began to refer to displays with a wide format. Since the iPhone 8 has a display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, and for the iPhone 8+ – the diagonal of the display is already 5.5″.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that both these models of the phone have glass made not only the front part of the body, but also the rear. This performance allows you to realize the old dream of many users – to charge your phone remotely, using a wireless charger.

Of course, this method is still new. The glass, of which the parts of the iphone are made, is manufactured using a special technology and has a very strong grip with other parts of the case and the phone itself. However, it is necessary to pay attention that the iphone painfully reacts to mechanical influences, even in spite of the fact that the manufacturer declares about special, increased parameters of durability.

Particular attention should be given to the screen: due to the large size and glass shell, the risk of mechanical damage increases substantially.
Characteristic signs that clearly indicate that the glass part of the hull is damaged:

– if the phone has cracks or chips on the case
– fogging glass indicates moisture or moist air
– if the glass has a backlash relative to the phone itself
– if wireless charging does not work correctly (or does not work at all)

Is it possible to understand what is specifically damaged in this case – glass or other elements of the phone?

If the sensor functions are not violated, and also the screen itself in normal mode reacts to the impact and the color mode is not violated, then only the glass is damaged. But even in this case, you can not postpone repair for a long time. Because, even if the phone is operating in normal mode, it is still, because of the glass, which has damage to moisture or dirt can get into the phone, and provoke even greater problems. Also, cracks in the area of ​​the sensor block can be deepened and increased.

Therefore, even if only the glass is damaged, we strongly recommend that you immediately contact the service center for replacement.
True, the replacement of the iphone glass can be performed not in every workshop, since the phone device itself has a complex design, and requires its complete disassembly with the use of additional equipment and devices, for example, such as a pressure chamber or various separators.

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